About us

Our story and beliefs

Bubbles Trouble London is an Eltham (SE9) based company founded in 2018. 
We teach Italian to children in an enjoyable way reading out loud and playing. 


About the founder

Ciao! I’m Tatiana, a mum of two beautiful 12 years old daughters and also an educator. 

Back in Italy, I’ve been working for many years as an educator for charities and also as a manager of a private nursery and a Children & Families Centre. Here in London, I would like to keep doing what I do best: being around children!

I’m all about creativity and simplicity and I love to teach Italian in workshops for children: they involve playing, reading, painting, drawing, modelling, building things (using eco-friendly materials as much as possible) and much more.

Another thing that I’m really passionate about is illustrated children’s books. I believe they have the power to teach children all the important skills in life in a very “easy to understand and remember” way. The best workshops I enjoy creating, are the ones inspired by picture books.

I’ve always tried to improve myself and I’ve learned a lot from all my previous work experiences and collaborations, but when I moved to London, I stopped working on my own projects to help my family settle in.

After two years, I’m finally ready to start over again and I am really glad to have founded Bubble Trouble London: it’s my chance to keep doing what I love to do.