About us

Our story and beliefs


Bubbles Trouble London was born in 2018 from a passion we all shared: being around children, bringing laughters and creating happy, lasting memories. Ciao! We are Barbara and Tatiana – two Italian girls who found each other here in London. From the moment we met and discussed our ideas, we knew we had the potential to create and deliver something special and unique.
Coming from different backgrounds, we have all the tools and the resources to organise playgroups and birthday parties that are not only lots of fun, but also educational, captive and unforgettable. Our aim is to leave something to each child, engaging and educating them in the funniest way possible – and also to make every experience as stress – free as possible for the parents! We believe that each child is different and no one knows them better than their parents, so we listen to anything you have to say and we try to accomodate all your requests.
All our entertainers and educators have DBS and have been trained to deliver the best time to your children. We keep creating new games, activities and show to stay up to date, never repeat ourselves. and having something fun suitable for all the ages. 



I remember those days where everything was thoughtless, magical to believe and fun to play with. Then you grow up!

I have been diagnosed with Peter Pan syndrome a long while ago! When I moved to London back in 2009, I worked in the hospitality for seven years and even if it was satisfactory to find out I was actually good at it, I still felt empty. I wasn’t happy because, for me, nothing can be more rewarding than a glee on a child’s face, especially when you are the reason for that! I chose to work with children to keep being part of that fantastic world of theirs and take it one step further: create something special that they will never forget. I am the mind behind birthday parties – I deal with every customer to plan and organise the perfect party, looking out for every small detail and bringing that tornado of happiness and energy on the day. I feel lucky to be able to become a scientist, a princess, a pirate or even a witch while I am working – how many people can actually say that??  What else should I add? Ah, yes! I can’t wait to hear from you to create that thoughtless, magical moments that children will talk about forever and ever.


Ciao! I’m a mum of two beautiful 10 years old daughters and also an educator. 

Back in Italy, I’ve been working for many years as an educator for charities and also as a manager of a private nursery and a Children & Families Centre. Here in London, I would like to keep doing what I do best: being around children! I’m all about creativity and simplicity and I love to organise workshops for children: they involve painting, drawing, modelling, building things (using eco-friendly materials as much as possible) and much more. Another thing that I’m really passionate about is illustrated children’s books. I believe they have the power to teach children all the important skills in life in a very “easy to understand and remember” way. The best workshops I enjoy creating, are the ones inspired by picture books. I’ve always tried to improve myself and I’ve learned a lot from all my previous work experiences and collaborations, but when I moved to London, I stopped working on my own projects to help my family settling in. After two years, I’m finally ready to start over again and I am really glad to have founded Bubble Trouble London with Barbara: it’s my chance to  keep doing what I love to do. I hope to bring lots of lovely creations in yours and your children’s life.

Our teammates


Hi everyone – nice to meet you! I like to describe myself as a creative, curious and imaginative person with a healthy dose of artistic “madness”!

I graduated in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature and since I was a child, I’ve always loved to read and write short stories and nursery rhymes. I’ve been working for more than 10 years as a reading promoter, both for children and adults – this is because I believe it has a highly educational power and it allows a magical interaction with the audience, giving and receiving lots of strong emotions. Back in Rome, I run various read-out-loud sessions in bookshops, libraries, book fairs, schools, pediatric surgeries and social organizations which helped disabled, disadvantaged foreign children. I also run read-out-loud courses for teachers, parents and teenagers too. I support famous or new authors reading their children stories on live videos called “Racconti di Claudia”. I’m also an actress who took part in quite a few performances and children theatre’s workshops. As you probably understood by now, I’m a very dynamic person and I love to put my energy and liveliness in lots of different fields such as theater, science, archaeology, fashion, music, architecture, nature, astrology, folklore and much more. I’ve lived in London for quite a while now and I’m very happy to collaborate with Bubbles Troubles London because it is a fantastic opportunity to spread the love for reading-out-loud in Italian even to British children and those from other countries. Furthermore, I like to work side by side with enthusiastic and talented colleagues, all with their own peculiar abilities and resources. Obviously, this diversity and variety can be advantageous, offering perfect parties, shows and events for all tastes and needs of our clients! In Italy we say: “If somebody finishes all the pudding, it means the meal was good” – and so far, we never failed! You should try it too.