Let’s Play Italiano!

Interactive and highly entertaining classes, run rigorously by mother tongue educators, to promote the love for the Italian language.
A recreational way for children to get familiar with the Italian world.

To improve our listening and understanding skills we will read aloud Italian rhymes and explore different adventures with lots of friends from our books. We will also sing and dance on simple interactive songs.

To improve our speaking, we will organise a variety of games which will encourage children to think and communicate in Italian.

Lastly, to improve our ability to follow some basic instructions in Italian, we will create some amazing pieces of art during our workshops inspired by the books we read. Children will be able to use their creativity and imagination and take home something to be proud of!

Divertendoci s’impara!

Suitable for kids aged 4 to 7.
4 sessions of 1H – £48

For group of children min 4 max 5

For more info: info@bubblestrouble.co.uk